Deputy Speaker Hawrami welcomes new South Korea Consul General to Kurdistan Region

4/19/2019 10:20:00 AM

16th April 2019 - Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami today met the new South Korea Consul General to Erbil, Mr Kwang-jin Choi, and talked about ways to improve the Kurdistan Parliament's effectiveness and strengthen relations with the Parliament of South Korea.  

Mr. Hawrami thanked the Consul General for South Korea's considerable support in many areas since 2003, and said that its successful post-war experience is a model for the Kurdistan Region. Parliament's MPs and administration could benefit from South Korea's expertise, he said. He also asked Mr. Choi to help develop closer relations between their two countries' respective parliaments.

Mr. Choi, who was previously posted in Kurdistan with the Zaytoun Division peacekeeping force, expressed his full support for the Kurdistan Parliament and said that their respective countries should keep up the momentum of good cooperation. He said that previously South Korean MPs expressed their sympathy for the people of Halabja and recognized the chemical bombardment as Genocide. 

On the formation of the government, Deputy Speaker Hawrami said that an inclusive KRG cabinet with the participation of the three main political parties is important, and that Parliament hopes it will be formed soon.

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