Parliament Speaker meets U.S. Consul General Steven Fagin

4/9/2019 7:36:00 PM

9 April 2019 - Parliament Speaker Dr. Vala Farid yesterday met the United States Consul General to the Kurdistan Region, Mr. Steven Fagin. Dr. Farid and Mr. Fagin discussed strengthening bilateral relations; the Consul General said he hoped for the Kurdistan Parliament to send a delegation to the US, to learn from Congress’s practices.


Mr. Fagin said that the US wants the political parties in Kurdistan Region to reach agreement on forming the new cabinet, so that the government can get on with its tasks of serving the people and resolving the outstanding Erbil-Baghdad issues.

Dr. Farid said that Parliament’s Presidency have started financial and administrative reforms, and have asked the Office of Financial Audit to cooperate on reform measures. This Parliament will work alongside the new cabinet to reform all sectors, and parliament’s presidency would like the parliamentary parties and lists to follow the procedures on government scrutiny, the Speaker added.


Speaker Farid also informed the Consul General about parliament’s role in law-making and in scrutinizing the government, and the forthcoming sitting to vote on a bill to restore the functions of Kurdistan Region’s president. 

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