Parliament’s Legislative Committee submits final report on Kurdistan Region presidency bill

4/7/2019 11:06:00 AM

7 April 2019 - Parliament’s Legislative Committee on 4th April held a meeting to direct recommendations that MPs had made at the second reading of the bill to restore the functions and powers of the president of the Kurdistan Region. The bill also calls for amending the presidential election system from popular vote to parliamentary vote, until a Kurdistan Region constitution is enacted in the future. The bill is one of several submitted to parliament’s presidency.


After discussing the amendments suggested by different MPs to the articles of the bill, the members of the Legislative Committee prepared the report for Parliament’s Presidency. The Head of the committee, Bizhar Khalid MP, chaired the meeting and all its members participated. The second reading took place on 3rd April, at parliament’s fourth sitting of this new four-year term. 

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